Paroa Farm Trust likes to support the local community by giving

grantsand/or donations to ventures and pursuits that are community-

based and benefit our local community as a whole.

Local sports teams, Te Kohanga Reo, Waipapa-a-Iwi Mohaka Marae and Ngati Pahauwera Kaumatua are a few groups we would like to show our support.

One such organisation that we have gifted a koha to is The YMP TAPUWAE Women's Rugby Reunion Team which enabled them to acquire a shield (left) which is a beautiful initiative for the area - a tohu that many will look up to.

 We are proud to be part of this and would like to continue to support our up and coming sportspeople who represent our local community brilliantly - well done!

If you would like see if you qualify for a grant for your team/venture/community Roopu, feel free to apply by clicking here for an application form.

If you want to apply for a tangihanga grant, please click here for an application form.


Thank you for the following feedback we have received to date.


"Huge Thank u to Paroa for the generous koha to our team we played our second game today YMP womens league!"

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